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Donuts Go Crazy

Donuts Go Crazy

Donuts Go Crazy is our latest game available for iOS and Android and is coming soon to Windows Phone and PC. This game has been developed from scratch at Plunge Interactive using Cocos2-dx.

QUIZ: True or false? “Donuts are the bacon of dessert.” (see quiz answer below)
Download Donuts Go Crazy for free! It’s the best new matching game in the world. Seriously, it is.


Think you’re good at matching games? Well, now’s your chance to find out— compete in global tournaments against thousands of other players. Win prizes, challenge your friends, and prove your skills.

But what really makes this game so fabulous? There’s four main things you need to know:

1. Donuts are WAY more delicious than some hard grandma candy. Let’s be real about this.

2. Donuts are funny. Donuts playing sports is funny. Donuts on vacation is funny. Donuts having an old west shoot out is funny.

3. Dipsters are donut holes. They mostly get shot out of cannons, but in a helpful way. It’s probably easier if you just get the game and see what we mean.

4. Donuts.

Hopefully, by now we’ve answered all the questions you may have about why it’s so important that you download this game and bring more donuts into your life. It’s been and honor and a pleasure to have spent this time with you.


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