Video games prove iPhone and tables great platforms interactive storytelling

Video games that prove iPhone and tables can be great platforms for interactive storytelling

Generally speaking, mobile games are considered casual affairs. Most of them are just meant to be time-killers, and only several feature meaningful storylines. “Angry Birds” and “Cut the Rope” for example, are not famous for their plot but rather for their tricky gameplay. If you’re crazy about puzzling stories and challenging narratives, the following iPhone and iPad games will exceed all your expectations.

Device 6 

The moment it was released, Device 6 managed to grab attention, and most fans of the genre were rather disappointed because the game didn’t last longer. Rather than have killer graphics, this mind-blowing iOS puzzler made use of clever and beautiful typography, as well as minimalistic art to tell the story of a woman who finds herself in a strange place at a strange time.

Device 6 is amazing because it challenges and entices imagination. Players must solve puzzles that seem complicated at a first glimpse. In fact, they’re not impossible to decipher. Unless you have the most perfect memory, you’ll need a piece of paper and a pen to write down clues. Also, make sure you’re using high-quality headphones because many of the hints are hidden in the background.

Device 6

Broken Age

Broken Age is a point-and-click adventure game for iPhones and tablets centered on two stories. In the first story, we have a rebellious girl who decides that she’s not willing to sacrifice herself to a devouring monster; the other story is centered on a spaceship-bound boy who doesn’t want to be a computer-controlled freak anymore. Players can choose which of these two stories they want to play; to keep things fresh, they can select both of them.

In the beginning, players will be bewitched by the fairytale-inspired scenario of Broken Age. The beautifully-crafted narrative blends smoothly with the whimsical game’s general allure. As childish as it may look on the outside, this game has a darker side players will stumble upon as soon as they start playing it. The themes are surprisingly mature and grim, so it’s not really a kid’s game.

Child of Light

Another incredible video game released at the beginning of 2014 was “Child of Light”. The story does an excellent job at grabbing attention from the very beginning. Gamers play Aurora, a girl who finds herself lost in a mystifying universe called Lemuria. This dark, magical land terrifies Aurora, but as you start playing the game, you begin to understand that she holds the power to bring the kingdom back to life. The main protagonist is not just brave, but also tough and willing to face all her fears to get back home. The storyline is extremely complex. Aurora makes a few friends in the game, too; they will help her complete her quest and win important battles with the monsters. “Child of Light” has the most mysterious narrative. It constantly teases the player into believing that something bad will happen – in fact, that’s the secret ingredient to this game. Because it’s so puzzling and thrilling, it has the great power of appealing to the inner soul of the player.

Child of Light

Year Walk

Last but not least, we have “Year Walk”, which was probably one of the creepiest games released for iOS in 2014. Incredibly peculiar, yet puzzling and mystifying, the action of this game takes place in Ancient Sweden. The game is played from a first person perspective and it’s not like anything you’ve seen so far on iOS. Players must solve enigmatic puzzles, listen carefully to background voices to foresee the future, and ultimately, uncover if the person they love most loves them back.

If you’re hunting for meaningful video games with interesting storylines, the ones we mentioned above will blow you away. All of them are puzzling in one way or another, and some might even leave you speechless.

Year Walk

This is the guest post by Jason Phillips and Escape Games 365!

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