Plunge Interactive is sponsoring the IRB Lleida Foundation - Plunge Interactive

Plunge Interactive is sponsoring the IRB Lleida Foundation

Institut Recerca Biomèdica Lleida

IRB Lleida is a consortium for Biomedical Research that investigating best ways to fight human deseases such as cancer.

We are proud to announce that Plunge Interactive has become a sponsor for IRB Lleida. This collaboration is possible thanks to our clients, parners and employees.

IRB Lleida objectives:

  • To define and potentiate research priorities that differentiate the IRBLleida as a competitive research institution that is attractive for professionals inside and outside Catalonia. To achieve this goal, we will incorporate new groups with expertise that complement the ones already existing at the institute.
  • To strengthen and constantly update the scientific and technical services that are available to the research groups. To enhance potentiate the participation of the IRBLleida in technology platforms that optimize the investment made in those services.
  • To prioritize competitive projects that produce relevant results and potentiate training of new researchers. To increase the participation of IRBLleida groups in European projects as a way to establish partnerships with hospitals that offer research and training opportunities that are not available locally.
  • To establish research as an important activity within the hospital with all that this entails. Mainly, it is necessary that the research activity of medical professionals is recognized and that these professionals are given enough time to develop competitive research programs. These goal simply the need to significantly increase the allocation of resources to HUAV.
  • To enhancing the the HUAV research laboratory in such a way that it canprovide appropriate support for the research made by clinical groups.
  • To promote the creation of an advisory service to facilitate the approach of clinical and epidemiological projects, both formally and from a technical perspective. Special attention will be payed to the design of experiments, clinical trials, epidemiology studies, data analysis and to the publication of the results from the research. The service should facilitate both, the contacts between different groups of IRBLleida and the continuous education in the various techniques that are relevant for research.

You can find more information about IRB Lleida on their website.


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