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iPhone 6 Plus – taking mobile gaming to another level

Now that Apple has entered the “phablet” category with its iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, let’s see if the device qualifies to be a comprehensive gaming device. From a design point of view, we must admit that iPhone 6 Plus rocks. Who wouldn’t want to own a golden smartphone that’s sleek, smooth and incredibly stylish? As far as gaming is concerned, some experts agree that the 6 Plus is better than any other smartphone currently available in stores. It’s not because the screen is bigger, but because of the phone’s extended battery life, exquisite graphics and enhanced gaming speed. In spite of a killer design, what are under the hood matters morefor layers to enjoy a flawless gaming experience?

The HD Retina display offers improved gaming

The new iPhone 6 Plus prides itself with a bigger Retina display. Gamers will be able to admire high-resolution graphics, but they’ll also love that whole screen gives them more freedom. In specific games, the device offers more on-screen UI elements, thus allowing gamers to make in-game changes much easier. Because of the wider screen, your fingers won’t obscure important areas on the display throughout gameplay; thus, the games will be more enjoyable than on smaller iPhones.

Size matters

Playing games on previous iPhone versions was possible with one hand. On the iPhone 6 Plus, you need two. Most games will have you using both hands because the device is just too big. This is not a drawback, on the contrary; the experience is similar to playing games on handheld consoles like PlayStation Vita and Nintendo DS. In theory, games such ‘Desert Golfing’ and ‘Fruit Ninja’ can be played with one finger; in practice, you need two hands – one to hold the iPhone and another to swipe with your index finger. Why is the 6 Plus better at gaming than its predecessors? Because it’s large enough for players with big hands and “fat” fingers. Believe it or not, this is an issue.

Better processors

Both iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have improved processors with better graphics. The intriguing A8 processor doesn’t just speed up the in-game loop, it also makes the games look better. Apple is always trying to be one step ahead of its competitors, so they launched METAL, a tool kit for game developers meant to help them craft better-looking graphics. Recent versions of Modern Combat 5 and Asphalt 8 were just tweaked with METAL, and apparently the new improvements are quite noticeable.

We must admit that iPhone 6 Plus is packed with killer graphics capabilities that might crush other handheld gaming devices. The overall gaming experience on the new device is greatly improved, so it’s safe to assume that Apple has even higher plans for upcoming iPhone versions. Are they planning on taking down gaming consoles for good?


iPhone 6 Plus – an incredible gaming device

iPhone 6 Plus could become a revolutionary gaming device. The 4.7 inch screen is perfect, not to mention that it feels great when held with two hands. Since the games are displayed on a larger screen, they look a lot better. On top of everything, Apple has really thought of everything when they improved the Plus 6’s battery life.

Bigger screens are always better when you’re playing games, and that’s a fact we can’t overlook. Even older games looks great on iPhone 6 Plus; they scale pretty well on the device’s 1920×1080 and 1344×750 resolutions. In spite of all the benefits, there’s one small issue – there’s no perfect mapping for the virtual buttons. We’re hoping upcoming app updates will shrink the buttons, thus making more space on the screen and engaging the gaming experiences.

This is the guest post by Jason Phillips and Makeover Games 365!

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