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10 best iOS games we ever had

Who doesn’t love a well-crafted iOS game? Over the past few years, we’ve seen incredible releases. Some of them will always remain in our hearts, while others haven’t even left our smartphones. Whether you’re the type of gamer who loves puzzles or an avid racer, the App Store has had over 1 million apps and games. Here are 10 of the best iOS games we ever had.

1.       Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8

Featuring incredibly polished graphics and teasingly-fast racing action, Asphalt 8 won us over with its glossy licensed vehicles, loads of ramps and incredible multi-path tracks that throw you into the most dangerous gaps. Available for free, you can enjoy this mega game as a single- or multi-player.

2.       Bastion


It’s not too late to play Bastion, especially since it was considered by many one of the most beautifully-presented RPG on iOS. Players take charge of The Kid, a hero who must find a way out from the unknown Calamity, a wreckage filled with enemies. Gamers will be bewitched by the hand-painted environments, not to mention that the active vocal narration describes the quest stunningly as you advance in the game.

3.       Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope

This incredible iOS favorite seemed so simple. Of course, we were all wrong! OmNom was such a cute little monster that we never thought feeding him was going to be so difficult. Featuring the most devious and trickiest puzzles based on physics principles, ‘Cut the Rope’ features 375 levels. Do you have what it takes cut the rope, get the candies and feed them to OmNom?

4.       Device 6

Device 6

Device 6 proved to be more than just a simple game. It featured a complex storyline and it was focused on the most gripping spy adventure. Blending soothing visuals with piles of text, this iOS game was a compelling quest that surely kept avid gamers hooked on their devices for hours.

5.       Infinity Blade II

Infinity Blade II

Infinity Blade II is the sequel to one of the App Store’s most prominent games. Packed with an iconic action framework that tosses players into a gorgeously-rendered duels, Infinity Blade II is all about strategic parries and sword slashes. Featuring 3D quests, players will have lots of challenges to overcome in order to become triumphant.

6.       Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush

This tower defense iOS game has thrived due to its capacity to upgrade enemy-slaying towers with a sole finger tap. The cartoonish appeal of Kingdom Rush blends beautifully with a thoughtful strategy. Use resources wisely and make smart purchases to enhance your bomb-tossing towers and keep your “kingdom” safe and sound.

7.       Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies

The acclaimed Plants vs. Zombies was an imminent success when it was released back in 2010. It instantly drew attention because of its unconventional yet appealing gameplay. Cute, ingenious and colorful, the game is all about planting seeds and organic land mines to slay and slow down shambling foes.

8.       The Room

The Room

Puzzle addicts will love The Room. This iOS game involves solving a series of puzzle-boxes. Each time to solve a piece of a puzzle, you witness how various boxes transform; they offer increasingly better experiences as you advance in the game – unexpected objectives, interesting designs, and challenging levels.

9.       Threes


Simple yet brilliant! ‘Threes’ is a puzzler that involves putting compatible tiles together and thus generate larger sums. Multiples of three will only merge with each other, so the larger the sums the greater the challenge. ‘Threes’ is such a methodical iOS game that’s easy to play, but tough to finish.

10.   Year Walk

Year Walk

Inspired from the Swedish folklore, ‘Year Walk’ was one of the weirdest games ever released for iOS. And yet, it wasan instant success. The mysterious ambiance, unique first person navigation system and all-white solving puzzles, made it truly innovative. Packed with a solid backstory, ‘Year Walk’ is the kind of gaming experience that will blow you away.

This is the guest post by Jason Phillips and Motorbike Games 365!

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