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Top 10 premium Android strategy game titles

Strategy games for Android are meant for deep thinkers because they demand forethought and careful planning in order to win. Some gamers don’t have what it takes to think ahead and come up with the best strategy to defeat an enemy. For those who can actually appreciate the art behind such incredible gaming experiences, here’s a list of 10 best premium games for your Android device.


autumn It’s not that easy to find an entertaining RTS (real-time strategy) game on Android. Although there are some pretty good ones available, only some are worth downloading. Autumn Dynasty highlights an adventurous portal to a fictional reality where players must fight for their freedom by winning battles. It’s certainly the kind of strategy game you want to have on your Android device.




landgrabbers Created by Nevosoft, in this strategy game for Android players are brilliant military leaders who must conquer the world. Gather your troops and lead them through knights, enemies, castles and battles to complete your crusade. Use in-game upgrades to boost the size of your troops and challenge yourself to complete all 36 levels. Landgrabbers is addictive, fun and incredibly well-made; it’s a must-have on your Android device.




plagueDeveloped by Ndemic Creations, Plague Inc. is a strategic Android game that features an incredibly realistic gameplay. Players must create a virus and destroy the world. It’s not exactly the type of game you’d want kids to play. Upgrade your abilities, disease transmission and symptoms by earning DNA points. There are 7 different diseases available and each one has different strategies you need to use to master.





hills_of_glory_hdDeveloped by AMA Ltd., Hills of Glory 3D is a fabulous tower defense game wherein players must defend their bunkers against a large crowd of enemies with WW2 military arsenals. Block enemies by annihilating their tactical points, and collect rewards by proving that your strategy is the best. Featuring stunning 3D visuals and graphics, and multi-touch experiences, Hills of Glory HD will exceed all your expectations.


enemy_linesDeveloped by Kiwi Inc., Enemy Lines is all about fighting with other players in an attempt to win battles with the help of your troops. You may have to upgrade as the battlefield is cutthroat. Take part in the most intense battles, complete weekly tournaments, strike back, and stay alive behind enemy lines.



kingdoms_and_lordsThis beautifully-designed strategy game by Gameloft is one of the most engaging in the Google Play Store. Players will have to construct their own village and prepare their army for combat. Protect your kingdom by upgrading weapons and buildings, and use sneaky strategies to steal resources from your rivals. Battle with your closest friends and prove them that you own the toughest army.




devil_attonrneyThis strategic law game is centered on a main character, Max McMann, a lawyer in the 70s. With charm and logics, he dismantles all kinds of lawsuits against notorious characters. Featuring a playful, cartoony style, Devil’s Attorney highlights amazing visuals and incredibly smart clues that you can use to your advantage.




star_commandFeaturing retro-pixel art style, Star Command is exactly what you need if you’re into single-player, light-hearted gaming experiences on Android. Players are in charge of a spaceship, and they must keep it afloat by recruiting a crew and upgrading facilities. Let the intergalactic adventure begin! Battle with other spaceships and boost your team’s skills as you advance further in the game.




kingdom_rushKingdom Rush Frontiers is currently one of the most acclaimed tower defense games in the Play Store. It features a varied and profound gameplay, with lots of twists and turns you can’t miss out on. If you’re a fan of the genre, this well-polished game will certainly appeal to all your senses. Do you have what it takes to maintain peace and order inside your kingdom?





xcomDeveloped by Firaxis Games, Enemy Unknown is a turn-based strategy game that comes with various difficulty levels, thus keeping players constantly engaged. Battle with extraterrestrial forces, put together the best team of officers, and use latest technology to complete your mission and stop the invasion.


This is the guest post by Jason Phillips and Army Games 365!

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