World War One: Centennial Edition - Plunge Interactive

World War One: Centennial Edition

Take control of major WWI nations and lead troops, fleets, diplomats and the economy to victory in the midst of some of the toughest operations during the four years of the “War to end all wars”.

Embark upon single scenarios or battle through the entire First World War with the Grand Campaign. Scenarios include Tanenberg (1914), Serbia (1914), Jutland (1916), Palestine (1918), and the 1916-1918 movements, delivering the whole war period from 1914-1918.

‘’Home before the leaves fall!’’ all men mobilized in August 1914 are convinced of this evidence, so strong is the belief that, whatever their motherland is, this war will be short and victorious. However, the Austro-Serb incident at Sarajevo became an awful slaughter of four long and bloody years … Will YOU be able to prevent that outcome?

At the head of your nation, member of the Central Powers, the Allies or Neutral, find the strategy that will lead to the most vital objective: peace without defeat.

You will play as Kitchener, Joffre, Luddendorf, Clemenceau, Czar Nicholas II or Enver Pasha. Supreme Commander of Armies or Head of State, the tools for victory are lying around, but could you identify them in time and, next, use them to maximum efficiency?



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