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Must attend free webminar: The design consequences of free or paid games

This is a free webminar offered by Oscar Clark (Everyplay), you can register free here.

Free or Paid – you Decide!

Making games is a question of passion. The passion you have for your design concept and the passion your players have to enjoy it. There are some big questions which as designers we have to answer and how we engage our players matters.

Choosing between Free and Paid is never easy and both have consequences and both have an impact on your design decisions. Neither choice should be take lightly.

In this Webinar, Oscar Clark, Everyplay Evangelist and author of “Games As A Service: How Free To Play Design Can Make Better Games” will explore the issues and consequences of our decisions to monetise our games. He will argue that monetisation needs to become a design decision and to deliver on that we have to first be clear what our objectives really are. Deciding whether to go Free or Paid will not only affect our appproach to design, development, marketing and post release operations.

Just as going Free is no guarentee of success; choosing Paid isn’t a guarentee either.

Join This Webinar To Learn

The importance of Vision
The Shadows of Monetisation
Reasons To Go Paid or Free
Delivering Value To Players

NOTE: If you are interested in the recording and the presentation slides, but can’t make the live webinar event, please use the new ‘Recordings Only’ ticket.

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