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Rising from the Dead – These Cheats Will Rock Your PvZ World!

Plants vs Zombies is undoubtedly one of the most popular mobile games in recent years. It has attracted players of various ages and continues to be one of the more well-known games at present. However, some players just aren’t that good in playing it. There are those who want to go further into the game but continue getting frustrated by it.

Fortunately, there are useful Plants vs Zombies cheats to deal with all the frustrations of failing to get through the game. Some of the most useful and interesting ones are detailed below:


Limitless Money

For this cheat, you need to have the Zen Garden. Water the plants and change your system date (the date on your mobile device) to an earlier date. After doing this, the plants will need additional watering. You will be speeding their growth up so you can earn money with them more quickly. Do this again and again to make more money. This date modification cheat is quite common among mobile games and thankfully, the makers of Plants vs Zombies didn’t try preventing it.


Switching Locked Seeds

If you are frustrated with the cards Crazy Dave provides, you can do a quick switch. The procedure is very simple. You just have to restart the game. To do this, of course, you have to exit the game and run it again. Doing so will change all your three cards into a new set.


Beating the Game or Making It More Fun with Cheat Codes

As you play Plants vs Zombies, you have the option to key in various codes to enable functions that can make the game easier for you. Take note, however, that some codes require your Tree of Wisdom to reach a particular height.


Here are the codes and their respective results:

Code           Effect

daisies          enables the appearance of daisies upon the death of zombies

dance            makes zombies dance

future            makes zombies wear sunglasses

mustache     transforms regular zombies into mustachioed undead adversaries

pinata           enables candy raining when zombies die

slowbroke   causes zombies to move move and walk slowly

sukhbir        turns on sound for zombie call for brains

trickedout   brings out the Alternate Lawn Mower


Obviously, you will not have significant benefits from using all these codes although they can make the game more enjoyable. The most important ones worth remembering are slowbroke and tricked out.


Speeding Up Plant Growth

This is similar to the first cheat mentioned above. However, instead of changing the date, you may change the time. Normally, plants will require another round of watering and fertilizer application after 30 minutes. You can get past this time restriction by disabling the full screen mode and changing your device’s system time to an earlier time.


Passive Playing

You don’t always have to be in front of the game to continue playing it. You can keep Plants vs Zombies running in the background. This is particularly useful when you just want to continue earning with your Zen Garden. To do this, you have to select Zen Garden so it shows on the game’s screen. You may switch to other applications on your device after doing this. The game will not pause or exit. It will continue generating coins while you do other tasks with your device like web browsing or playing movies.


You can go back to the game after a while to manually collect the coins. You may also purchase Stinky the Snail so you can be sure that you’re not going to miss any of the coins generated while you let the game run in the background.

Most of these cheats and codes work across different platforms. You may use them on your iPhone, iPad or other iOS devices. They could also work on Android phones and the console versions of Plants vs Zombies. Just try them and see if they work. Enjoy playing Plants vs Zombies without getting frustrated when you couldn’t complete an achievement or advance to the next level by using these cheats.

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