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Confessions of an Online Gamer – Why Cheating is Irresistible

My name is Marc S. and I’m a video game cheat. Sounds like something one would say in a Video Game Cheaters Anonymous meeting, but it’s true. I do play games the normal way. But if I’m stuck, or if I just want to improve the gameplay, I have no qualms about typing in a cheat code.


I hope you don’t feel aghast with my revelation. Cheating in video games is no biggie, if done responsibly and ethically. To prove my point, let me present to you the joys I get out of cheating in video games:

  • Cheating gets you to the good parts—the end cutscence

A lot of people just don’t have the time to play out every level. Games can take countless hours to complete. This can be a drag, especially when you’re stuck in a level and you just want to know how the story ends. Well, cheats work especially well in these situations. Why bother with all the hard work? You can go straight to the cutscenes and witness Mario finally save Princess Toadstool.

  • Cheating lets you brag to friends and family

When you cheat you gain access to more coins, lives, weapons, and just about everything the game offers. If you have these things you can then brag about it in social media sites. Let your friends know your current level, high-score, weapons or in-game currency and watch them drool.

  • Just a ‘little bit’ of cheating will improve gameplay

There are games that have glitches considered to be cheats. An example is Subway Surfers (which was voted Best Runner Game of 2013 by the way). In this game, you can unlock different characters and boards just by adjusting your device’s time settings. This interference of the settings does not really give you that much of an advantage; that’s why I consider it as cheating just ‘a little bit’. You will find that, by doing this, the gameplay improves without giving you too much of an advantage.

  • Omnipotence is truly seductive

God Mode is a type of cheat that renders your character or avatar invulnerable. You literally won’t die. Another variation is when a cheat grants you unlimited lives—you still die but you respawn or regenerate all the time. This cheat gives you a feeling of invincibility, and it can become quite a trip. Try it out and see what I mean. I bet everyone has fantasies of omnipotence. And online cheats are the best way to live out this fantasy.

  • Untold riches and fortune is as easy as typing a code

Money, money, money! Or coins, coins, coins! Yes, all these can be yours—if you cheat. You can still grow your game character rich without cheats, but it just takes a lot of time. When you’re impatient about growing your finances, the best way to go about this is to download a cheat code. In the gaming world, instant millionaires are a dime a dozen. So don’t be left out.

  • You get freebies, hidden characters and weapons, and access to Easter Eggs when you cheat


Online games are made more exciting because of ‘hidden’ stuff that you need to find to improve gameplay. These can take the form of freebies, hidden characters, powerful weapons and accessories, and Easter Eggs. Unfortunately, these hidden stuff stay hidden most of the time. Wouldn’t it be great if you can access these stuff easily? Cheats do that for you. And I find it a joy to hoard these stuff.

  • Cheating increases your level of satisfaction

If the above reasons make sense to you, then you will agree that cheating increases the satisfaction you get from playing a video game. For me, games should be like a book. With books, you can go straight to the end whenever you want. The same should be true for online video games. This holds most true for games that are impossible to beat without cheats.


Please don’t mistake my reasons as absolute. I am very much open to playing without cheats. My goal here is to open your mind about cheating in online games—it’s not that bad. So go ahead and cheat in online games. I won’t tell a soul.


Author’s Bio:

Jimmy R. is an avid writer who loves to write about anything and everything under the sun! He’s HIGHLY FASCINATED in online gaming cheats and doesn’t think twice about using them when playing.

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