7 Undemanding Games that Can Also Be VERY ADDICTIVE

7 Undemanding Games that Can Also Be VERY ADDICTIVE

Casual gaming is nothing new. You can find many games on iOS, Android, and Windows devices that don’t require any commitment. These games can be played whenever you feel like playing them. You can stop playing them also when you feel like not wanting to play them, without having to worry that the achievements you have accumulated would be affected or rescinded because you are not frequently playing the game.

These games usually have the following features:

  • Level-by-level playing

  • Very simple gameplay

  • Intuitive controls that can be learned in a matter of minutes or even seconds

  • No complicated rules or storylines to remember

  • The ability to quickly move to the final stage.

Some good examples of these casual games that are nonetheless capable of hooking players are the following:


1. Bejeweled and other Similar Games

The concept behind Bejeweled is nothing new or revolutionary. Yes, it comes with some marginal differences but it is still a puzzle game that requires a player to move elements around to come up with jewel combinations to gain scores. The game does not require a lot of thinking or time to learn how to play it. However, once you start moving your fingers through the game, the addiction kicks in and you will likely not realize how you have already spent hours trying to clear one level after another.


2. What the Doodle

This game won 2009’s Android Developer Challenge and has easily attracted a good number of players since its introduction. Similar to Pictionary, What the Doodle is a multiplayer, real-time game wherein player take turns to draw objects to represent words for others to guess. You don’t have to be good at drawing to play and do well with it. As long as you have adequate visual perceptiveness, this game should easily hook you.


3. 4 Pics 1 Word and Other Similar Games

As the name implies, this puzzle game is about guessing words based on a set of 4 pictures. It is a straightforward and simple game that offers a multitude of levels. The pictures can be misleading so you likely become challenged and excited to try the next levels and find out how you would fare. You can find other games of this type such as 4 pics 1 Song, 4 Shadows 1 Word, and 4 Pics 1 Movie.


4. Coin Dozer

Based on the real coin pushing game you can find in arcades, Coin Dozer is another simple game that does not require a lot of time to learn and enjoy. You can stop playing it whenever you want although you will likely have to deal with some time of getting obsessed with the game. If you encounter difficulties, there are simple cheats you can use. Learn more here about the cheats and tricks you can do with Coin Dozer.


5. Flow Free

This extremely simple puzzle game is about filling a grid with lines of varying colors. It offers hundreds of levels to play with the first levels coming with small grids and advancing to bigger, more complicated ones. Being a logic game, it certainly makes for a good brain exercise. This is the kind of game that you think you want to play to pass time without realizing that you have already taken a lot of time playing – and would probably be looking forward for the next opportunity you can have to play the game again.


6. Gyro

Another simple but very engaging game, Gyro is a free casual game that can be played even if you are just running Android version 1.6. The game is a very straightforward one, mainly about matching incoming colored balls with the multi-colored rotating circle that takes up most of the game’s screen. The controls are very intuitive that you can even say you don’t have to think to play the game. No planning or strategizing required; all you need to do is to react to what’s on the screen.


7. Various Racing Games

Well, there are too many of them to enumerate. Racing games have become a staple in casual gaming. They don’t require a lot of thinking or strategizing. You won’t even have the time to think about using cheats since your focus will be devoted to the race and you will likely be too engaged in trying to outrun opponents. Racing games don’t require you to maintain characters or get immersed in a virtual world but they can easily make you play for hours without realizing it.


These games can easily hook you because they are very easy to play. They don’t require you to spend hours strategizing, searching for information on how to get things done, or harrowing over difficult stages. Try them if you want something simple but enjoyable.


It’s your turn!

You’re not going to let me have all the fun, are you? If you have any tips or ideas that you’ll like to share, do let us know in the comments section below.

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