7 Flying Games that Will Blast You Off to Thrill and Excitement

7 Flying Games that Will Blast You Off to Thrill and Excitement

Flying games have been around since the start of the console gaming popularity. They are as well-known as the shooter and arcade fighting games. Arguably, they helped define gaming during the days of consoles.


If you want some nostalgia and the vibe of modern gaming technology, you should try the following mobile games:


1. Absolute RC Plane Sim

Available in free and premium versions, this flight simulation game provides the feel of flying an actual remote-controlled toy plane. The controls are intuitive and the camera angles change. You should be able to get a grasp of how to play it in a matter of minutes. Naturally, you will not be sharing the view or perspective of the plane. Instead, you will be seeing the toy plane fly from the sides or from the back. The game features four modes  and three flying fields. Enjoy the above average graphics (well enjoyable enough) and physics of the game as you go through different levels of difficulty.


2. Tiny Wings Online

Tiny Wings Online is a web-based game that is somehow dubitable as a flying game. The characters you will be playing in the game are supposed to fly but their wings are just too small for them to take full flight. Hence, they need to rely on their  jumping and running skills as they move along hills. This game is mostly controlled by well-timed clicks. There are two game modes: Day Trip and Flight School. You can also play as the mama bird or as one of the offsprings that need guidance. If you want to play Tiny Wings on your mobile device, there is a version for iOS available. Playing mechanics are similar – you just have to tap on the screen to control the birds.


3. X-Plane 9

X-Plane 9 is distinctive in offering realistic graphics. It is arguably one of the best flying games on mobile, particularly on the Android platform. It is a free game so there should be no reason not to try it. It comes with in-app purchasing options (of course!) for monetization. The game offers stunning, realistic graphics complemented by the great sceneries. You can buy more sceneries if you like. There are 10 types of aircraft you can use in the game but you can get 43 more through in-app purchase. Moreover, you can fly at different times of the day (dawn, day, dusk, or night) and experience flying through different weather conditions.


4. Control Tower

Control is a rather cartoony Android game with very simple graphics. You can compare it to one of those online Flash games you can find in various websites. Nevertheless, it offers enough excitement to be worth trying. It can even be highly addictive. The goal in the game is to guide aircraft to their landing zones safely. The player has to make sure that planes don’t collide. Strategizing and quick decisive thinking will be necessary to properly manage aircraft movement and landing. There are 6 type of airplanes and helicopters in the game. There is also a record of high scores online to bring out the competitive spirit among players.


5. Air Control

If you want something simple and addictive, Air Control is the flying game to try. With it, you will be assuming the role of an air traffic controller. You will be required to manage the movement of airplanes on runways, making sure that collisions and other accidents don’t happen. The game can be played in classic and puzzle game modes. There are four maps to play with, allowing you extended hours of exciting gameplay.


6. Dragon, Fly!

In this game, you will be guiding a newly hatched dragon as it takes its first flight and adventure. You will be using your knowledge on the laws of physics as you help the dragon build momentum to glide and fly over the hills. Gameplay and controls are simple so learning it should only be a matter of minutes. The graphics are great, thanks to the 60 fps animations. You will also feel the urge to be competitive given the game’s global leaderboards.


If you are fond of flying games, the enumerated games should be great options to try. They are also free so enjoying them shouldn’t mean shelling out any amount. There’s an option for in-app purchases but it’s not compulsory and you will unlikely need it.

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