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Easily post to Facebook and Twitter on Cocos2dx iOS and Android games

SDK integrations is a boring and time consuming task in game development. If we add this in cross platform games made with C++, then the task is even harder. Facebook is specially hard due to a complex SDK that yes, offers many feature, but it has an important learning curve.

Now cocos2dx developers life is easier than ever. EziByte, an indian startup, has just released a small SDK for cocos2dx developers that makes it easy to integrate Facebook, Twitter and share by email in our iOS and Android game developments.

The SDK has currently a small price between $2.99 and $14.99, depending on the license, but I think the price is very fair, and will save us from Facebook integration, so we can focus on what we should: actual game development.

I have personally tried the iOS Facebook integration in one of Plunge Interactive’s projects, and I have to say that the task consumed 10 minutes of my time… I just had to copy the library, configure build settings, implement a delegate, and actually call the code to share to Facebook.

You can find the plugin here: http://www.ezibyte.com


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