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In-app purchases for iOS and Android under Cocos2dx made easy

I have recently discovered an small open source “iapp engine”. What is amazing about it is that it has a Cocos2dx library, so virtually you can create in-app purchases for your game, both for the iOS and Android versions, with the same code, “efortless”, or at least easier than ever.

The project is called SOOMLA, and here is some information coming from their own website:

The SOOMLA Project is an open source framework for virtual economies in mobile games. Our goal is to allow mobile game developers easier implementation of virtual currencies, virtual goods and in-app purchases. The framework includes:

  • Data model and storage convention for virtual goods, virtual currencies and common game economy mechanics.
  • Plugins for leading game development platforms such as Cocos2d and Unity as well as support for Native iOS and Android code.
  • APIs for simplifying In-App Purchases to a single line of code including increased security and event handling.
  • Templates and themes for virtual economies and store-front based on pre-optimized and user intuitive layouts. Try the SOOMLA Store Designer.
  • Admin console for dynamically updating and optimizing virtual economy attributes and game economy mechanics.

Doesn’t it worth a look? Visit the SOOMLA website:


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