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Setting up MonoGame (XNA) development environment for Windows 8

We talked about setting up the MonoGame (XNA) development environment for Android on a Windows computer in a previous post. Now it’s turn for MonoGame to make Windows 8 games.

These are the prerequisites:

  • Visual Studio or MonoDevelop. I highly recommend Visual Studio, but I’m not sure if the Express versions (free) support Mono. At any case, it will work with MonoDevelop for sure, and it’s also free.
  • Mono runtime with GTK#. The base framework to make any kind of mono applications.
  • MonoGame framework. The port of XNA to Mono, that will allow us to make XNA games for Windows 8.
  • XNA Game Studio 4.0. At the time of writting this post monogame is on its 3.0 beta version, and doesn’t include the Content Manager packager, so you need to use the one available in XNA Game Studio.
  • If you want to also make Windows Phone 8 games, you should probably install the Windows Phone 8 SDK, but this tutorial will not cover it.

And that’s it! :-) Feel free to discuss with us about game development also on twitter: @jboschaiguade and @plungeint accounts.

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