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Farts VS Zombies pre-release teaser trailer is now available

Farts VS Zombies is a game that is currently available on the App Store, and it will be very soon on the Windows Phone App Hub.

This is a different game from any other you have ever seen… that’s for sure! In Farts VS Zombies you play as Colonel John Farter with your pants dropped in front of a conveyor belt of food and your rear cannon pointed at an incoming swarm of zombies. The meals you eat determine what kind of fart you will generate. Take control of the gas clouds by drawing their paths right into zombie faces, making sure that your fart clouds stay away from the Japanese schoolgirls. And get ready to use your ultimate attack, the Super Vomit, which can clear entire swaths of zombies and is aimed by tilting your device!

A mysterious Evil Unicorn seems to be the cause of the zombie virus… Meet up with your old friend Banana Max and together, you will crush the zombies to free the town from The Evil Unicorn. Farts VS Zombies has both a Survival Mode and a Story Mode with hours of gameplay, action and strategy, challenging hordes of zombies and car demolition. You will get SHOCKED by the Hyper Fool Story, you can do Fart Combos, use funny Special Attacks and items and compete in online rankings with your friends to see who is the best farter!

The game has already had a lot of great reviews on the App Store, and we expect the same or more success in the Windows Phone marketplace, since the game includes several new features, extra modes, aditional content and minigames.

Do you want to be the first to write a review on your blog or website once the game is released next February? Then just contact us by e-mail and we will keep you in touch.

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